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How amazing does Ashley Look?

She Shares,

"Never did I think I'd be where I am at today! I went shopping for my daughter's Easter outfits and decided to cruise the aisles for myself as well. The shorts pictured below are getting too loose for me and I just purchased them not long ago. I picked up a size 11 in Juniors. Tried them on AND THEY FIT!!! I haven't been this small since 2004 ya'll!!! I've lost 2 more lbs and 9 more inches since January! That's a total of 57 lbs and 35 inches for me! These products have helped me lose weight, lighter periods (I had pains like endometriosis) hair/nail growth and a huge self confidence boost. I ALWAYS hid behind a huge t-shirt and shorts. Ask anyone. But I am finally getting the confidence back and feeling comfortable in my own skin. Truvision Health has saved my life and sanity. Hands down! I'm so very glad I was introduced to these products. I've never been happier"

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