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Kristin's truStory

“Prior to coming across TruVision I was taking supplements from other companies, but never really found one that worked. Some would yield minimal results, but then – as soon as I stopped taking them, I would pack on all the weight I lost, plus some. Nothing ever corrected me on a cellular level and most of the products I tried were thermogenic, which are not sustainable – long term fixes. As a mother of 2, I was desperate for an extra boost that didn’t come with all the harsh side effects! Keeping up with my children, at the time, was extremely difficult to do with all the weight I was carrying! But then, I was introduced to an amazing product that provided me with exactly what I was looking for.” “I came across TruVision unexpectedly. One of my friends, had started documenting his results on Facebook and I naturally just wanted to learn more about what he was doing. As I started learning more about the product he told me about the sampling program which allowed me to try a week at a very affordable price. After about 2 days, I knew this was a game changer! I could feel the energy surge through my body, but in a controlled subtle way and I could feel the focus come along. I was able to pay attention to all the small details that come with running a fast pace busy medical office. I could feel and see my portion sizes decrease. Initially I did not change my eating habits at all. I simply stopped eating when I was full, which is a direct results of the products working and helping me manage my portion sizes. On my fourth day I purchased a Fast Start pack and had no idea that there was even a business side to this.” “Outside of losing weight, TruVision Health has given me an opportunity to run my own business how I want to and on my terms. Financially speaking, TruVision has provided me with that extra level of comfort – knowing that I have additional paychecks coming in helps me provide for my family in ways I never thought possible.” “TruVision Health has done SO much for me personally but, the thing I’m most proud of is that TruVision has helped me give thousands of people their confidence back! Currently, I host a Facebook group of 25,000 people, all of whom are sharing their own experiences and encouraging each other all while dropping pounds and inches. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, feels better than getting a phone call or message from someone, who just a few days ago was a complete stranger, thanking me for introducing them to TruVision and sharing with me just how amazing they feel and how much this product has impacted their life in a positive way! THAT is why I share my story – not for me, but for others to see that a healthy, sustainable lifestyle is possible through our products.” “The only other thing I would like to say is for all of those people who currently feel defeated… Listen, I know what that feels like. I have been there. I have walked in those shoes. I have broken a sweat while trying to put my socks on. I have ran out of breath while tying my shoes. I get it. Becoming healthy feels like it is impossible. BUT, I am here to tell you – ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE! I am living, walking, breathing proof that by taking these products, consistently, every single day and by surrounding yourself with a great support system (provided to you in our group) YOU can see the same results that I have seen!! It is possible, you CAN do this! I would also like to give a special thank you to my husband! His support and encouragement along this journey has been paramount to my success in both my weight loss journey and growing a business and I couldn’t do it without.” TruVision gives people power over food. Combine this power, with the power of our Facebook Group – and we have the ability to share the product with so many people! In 38 days, 234 people have changed their life. How amazing is that?!