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During high school I was very athletic, I played every sport I could. I was always able to maintain a weight of 115-120 pounds. About a year after I graduated, I had my first son and bounced back to my average weight quickly. 21 months later, I had my second son and bouncing back wasn’t quite so easy. My grandpa passed away shortly after the birth of my second son and life began to really take a toll on me. I found myself extremely depressed, looking for a way to cope I turned to food for comfort. Once I started gaining weight I felt like the pounds just kept packing on and I had lost all control of my body. I began avoiding important family events such as my mother’s wedding and my sibling’s graduation because I was so ashamed at how I had let myself go. Fast forward nine years, I found myself weighing 245 pounds and completely consumed by my depression. I wasn’t being the mother my kids deserved or the wife my husband had married and I had officially had enough. In June of 2015 I finally decided I was no longer going to live my life this way! We had just moved to Arkansas, I started my new job and began eating healthy. I began to lose weight but the progress was so slow and the depression was still inhibiting. I needed a little more motivation. In January of 2016 I bought my first 3-month supply of TruVision Health products from someone online. When I started on my TruVision Health journey, I was not consistent. I would take the products whenever I remembered, but once I started to notice an increased amount of energy and that my depression and anxiety were no longer controlling me, I was sold! In April of 2016, I was down to 215 pounds and ready to fully commit to TruVision Health. I became an Associate and started to take the products every single day. After a month, I no longer suffered from depression or anxiety and could finally stop taking all my prescription medications. I have now lost a total of 104 pounds and feel better than I ever have in over 10 years! I see numbers on the scale that I never thought I would see again and can truly say that I am happy with myself. The amount of support and motivation I receive from my fellow TruVision Health users is immeasurable! They keep me motivated and accountable on my journey and inspire me to help others do the same. TruVision Health has changed my life, are you ready for it to change yours?