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Richie and Amanda share their experience


My name is Richie and I grew up in West TN. I played basketball and I was a “self proclaimed” athlete in decent shape. I was 6’4 205-210 lbs. Amanda, my wife, grew up in the same small town. She was a cheerleader, softball player, weighed about 150 lbs, and wore a size 10 pants. These numbers are important in a minute, we will come back to them. My dad owns a BBQ restaurant and Amanda ended up working for him/me (she will deny the “me” part but it’s true), and thats how we met. We fell in love, got married, moved to South Carolina, had kids, and settled into adulthood. Now, for us, adulthood meant raising a family, social gatherings like church pot lucks and jobs. You notice how working out and eating healthy is not on that list? It’s kind of hard when you always seem to be on the go! Can any of you relate to that? Amanda, after staying at home for the first few years of our kids life, got a job as a DSS social worker. It really was a life long passion of hers for as long as I’ve know her. I have worked for Fedex Freight for 10 years in a variety of different positions; some stressful, some not. Anyway I say all that to say this, after years of “adulting” and NOT focusing on our health, boom we were FAT! I just woke up one day and was like “Man why all my clothes too tight? Did you mess them up in the washer or something?” I had moved up to a nice, solid 253 lbs and size 40 pants! I was a big ole boy. Amanda had went up to a size 18 pants and about 242 lbs. Needless to say, we weren’t as attractive, healthy, energetic, confident, and if we are honest with ourselves, we were not as happy as we once were. It’s amazing looking back now how much being over weight effected us. Now, I’m not trying to paint a picture of depression, or that we were miserable with each other, but if you look at the traits we lost, you can see how the quality of our overall life and personal confidence in ourselves needed a boost! We had simply grown too comfortable. Now, what was the answer to that? For us it was TruVision Health. Amanda came in one day and said “Hey I found some weight loss product on Facebook being sold by some lady in Texas named Darla, and I might be able to make some money from it if it works”. I didn’t shoot it down because I’ve always been supportive of any business thing that Amanda wanted to try, from homemade hair bows, to Plexus. The same can be said from her to me. I was, however, skeptical as you can image. A pill that promises dreams of magical weight loss?!? Besides, I could lose weight whenever I wanted, right? All I had to do was eat better and get serious about working out. No problem. I had on several occasions attempted and failed at this, by the way. So, she signed up as an associate and ordered the combo, which, at the time was the truFIX and truWEIGHT & ENERGY. This was at the end of February 2016. Between February and end of September 2016, Amanda had successfully lost around 50 lbs. For those wondering how long it took to lose the weight, it’s 8 months time, averaging about 6.2 lbs per month. That is a nice steady, healthy, and attainable progression for anybody. That answers one major question most people have, which is “How long did it take you?” That is only half of the answer. I’ll explain that in a few moments. The second major question is “What did you do?” e.g. “Did you go on a special diet with that or workout a lot?” The truthful answer is….sometimes. It was honestly a progression. It’s very difficult to go from not working out, and eating whatever you want to working out 5 days a week and being healthy at the drop of a hat. So, sometimes Amanda would workout with some at home workouts like Julian Micheals, and sometimes she would not. She is, after all, a mom of 2 very active kids, and with my work schedule she is basically a single parent during the week. As most of you already know, when you start actually seeing results you begin to get a little more excited about making that extra effort to workout, and to say “NO, I’m not drinking that coke today!” She was addicted to cokes, I might add, and bad. Thats the first half of her story, now on to mine, which was quite different. I also started the same time as Amanda and have already stated I was around the 253 lbs mark. I, however, did not really lose anything between February and the end of July 2016. My weight fluctuated up and down like a buoy in the ocean. I would go down some weight then up some weight. It was very dependent on how strict I was on working out and eating. The workout was the “7 minute workout” app and it is pretty good. If I stayed strong then it would slowly come off. If I slipped up then it seemed like it would come back in a day. I was no different if I took the pills or not. I could see these same results myself without the pills and save money each month. I kept the pills because Amanda was selling them and I held out hope that they just haven’t kicked in for me yet. So, I’ll be honest, I got less consistent on taking them because I wasn’t seeing desired results. A new hope (couldn’t resist a Star Wars reference) entered to the picture at the end of July, we were able to get rePlace and reNu; our brand new vegan protein/probiotic meal replacement shake, and detox pills. I got motivated once again to give it my all. I started running/walking on the treadmill at planet fitness for about 20 mins a day. I also was drinking mainly water, and eating pretty healthy throughout the week, along with the rePlace shake for breakfast. Between August, and beginning of October, I lost about 12 lbs. It wasn’t as fast as I would have liked, but small progress is STILL PROGRESS! I ask that you keep that in mind, perspective and optimism are important. My life really changed at the beginning of October when our new formula, truCONTROL, came out. This replaced the truWEIGHT & ENERGY. I then lost 12 more pounds in 2 weeks, verses the 2 months. Now we’re talking, and let me add, that one of those weeks, I was on a company trip and they fed me really well for a whole week. I also didn’t workout during that week. The only thing that I had changed was taking truCONTROL. I was already working out, eating pretty well and drinking mainly water, but this kicked me into overdrive. I hit my goal of 215 lbs by January 1st. As of writing this, I am currently 206 lbs. So I happily bounced from 206 – 210 lbs. Same weight that I was in high school! Amanda, on truCONTROL, lost another 40 or so pounds, bringing her back to 150-153 lbs., her high school weight as well. Her pant size however, is now a 4-6 which is smaller than her high school size. So, she went from a size ten in high school, up to an 18 (year 2015), then down to a size 4-6 (current). Pretty good after having two kids. All in all it has been an emotional but worth while ride. We are happy with these products and more importantly, happy with our bodies. Thank you TruVision!